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- Video Match.

iTunes Theme will play a video that matches the file name with the currently playing song's name, artist or album.

If you want to play a specific video file when playing a song, go to the song in iTunes and add a word or words in the comments. Then make sure the same word or words appear in the video's file name.

For multiple criteria separate with commas. e.g. A song with the comments "Musical video, Trailer" will play any video that contains the words "musical video" or "trailer" in the file name.

The video file must be added in Video Theme.
The match is case insensitive.


- It shows an empty / gray wallpaper.

Set the Desktop Image in System Preferences to a file or folder inside the Pictures Folder.

A gray screen is because App Sandbox is preventing the App from reading files outside the Pictures Folder. The file it reads is the one set in the Desktop & Screensaver pane in System Preferences. It can be an image file or a folder, as long as they are in the Pictures folder.