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Your wallpaper, like never before

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** Award Winner of Mac Informer 5* Editor's Pick Award **
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mac informer EDITOR'S PICK
Mac Informer Editor's pick award


Dynamic Wallpapers. Make your desktop interesting, stylish and useful with plenty of options.

Backgrounds makes your wallpaper dynamic and more interesting with 7 themes (Music, Parallax, Video, Quartz, System, Clock and Web) and 2 Screen Savers (Glass and Quartz X). Each theme allows you to customize your wallpaper in unique ways from visualizing the current music track's artwork or adding a Parallax effect to your wallpaper to setting a video, webpage or Quartz Composition as your wallpaper. Each theme may be combined with the Clock or System widgets to display important information all the time.

Theme Descriptions

See the artwork of the current track you are hearing as a wallpaper, or a video you have added to Backgrounds that matches the song’s title, artist, album or comments. Excellent for playing music videos.

Give depth to your desktop by moving the cursor. Take advantage of your Panoramas and create immersive wallpapers.

Play video as your desktop wallpaper. Express yourself with your own videos. Includes Video Library: A subscription to access a curated collection of videos to use as your wallpaper. Expand your collection and enjoy your video wallpaper

Run Quartz Compositions as a wallpaper. Make your own Quartz Compositions or download them.

Monitor your Mac’s CPU and Network usage. Includes Widget

Know the time or date right from your Desktop. Includes Widget

Load a webpage as your wallpaper.

Screen Saver Descriptions

Quartz X
Run a Quartz Composition while you are away from your Mac. Visualize your music artwork and info when playing music with iTunes, Spotify or Swinsian

A transparent Screen Saver. Lock your Mac and see what it's doing, from your music artwork, to a task in progress, the system status, anything


• Lightweight
• Hide Desktop Icons helps you easily enjoy your wallpaper. As it's meant to be
• Parallax Panorama lets you take advantage of your Panoramas to create immersive wallpapers
• The Video Library subscription offers hours of video options for using as a wallpaper
• Compatible with iTunes, Music, Spotify and Swinsian
• Supports Multiple Monitors
• Supports AppleScript and Scripting Bridge

English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Release Date
Feb 6, 2014

macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

Mac App Store


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$1.99 USD

In-App Purchases
1. Video Library HD Monthly $1.99 USD
2. Video Library HD Yearly $19.99 USD

Backgrounds in other languages
Backgrounds in Chinese / 中文描述
Backgrounds in Spanish / Backgrounds en Español
Backgrounds in English

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