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mac.informer (2021)

"Backgrounds is a desktop application designed to optimize the appearance of your screen. This program beautifies your desktop with nice, animated, and attractive wallpapers."

"All these elegant-looking backgrounds are meant to customize the appearance of your screen in order to confer a more comfortable working environment. Without a defined interface, the program stays hidden in the system tray, always ready to change the theme and to have its parameters tweaked with a mouse click. In addition, the price is more than reasonable, considering the stylish and handy skins provided."

mac informer EDITOR'S PICK

mac.informer (2014)

"It is designed for Mac users who want to make the backgrounds of their computer screens more attractive, stylish, and dynamic. This can be done by adding brand new features and helpful widgets to your screen to achieve an exquisite and original desktop appearance."

Mac Informer Editor's pick award


"Backgrounds is, as the name implies, a Desktop background utility that truly, madly, deeply thinks different. Instead of merely changing the photo, Backgrounds changes everything..."


"A clever Mac Desktop wallpaper utility which turns a static background into a dynamic image"


"The video background is likely going to make this an easily sell for some of you, and the system and time overlays for others. This is one that will have a niche-but-devoted audience."


"Instead of merely changing your wallpaper, Backgrounds helps you transform your desktop into an interactive space..."


"L’app Backgrounds trasforma la Scrivania del Mac da statica a dinamica. Visualizza le cover dei brani in riproduzione, “tachimetri” per l’uso della CPU, filmati ed effetti vari."